Chase dreams


Being Chased!”

chased in your dream is one of several common dream theme stemming from feelings of anxiety
in your waking life. In such dreams, you could be running from an attacker, an
animal, a monster or some unknown figure who wants to hurt or possibly kill you.
Fight or flight is an instinctive response to a physical
threat in the environment. Thus it is natural to run or hide or try to outwit
your pursuer.

chased signifies avoidance:

dream that you are being chased is an indication that you are avoiding some
issues in your waking life. The actions in your dream exemplify how you respond
pressure and cope with fears, stress or various situations. Instead of confronting the situation,
you have a
tendency to run away and avoid issues that you are uncomfortable with

chased signifies close-mindedness :

someone is chasing you in your dream, then it may also refer to your
close-mindedness. You are refusing to acknowledge a certain viewpoint or idea
and don’t even want to give a listen to any opinion that is different from

chased signifies running away from yourself :

way to analyze your chase dream is how the pursuer or attacker may be an aspect
of your own Self. Perhaps you are suppressing or rejecting certain feelings or
certain characteristics of your Self. Anger, jealousy, fear, and even love can manifest
as a threatening figure in your dream. And you could  be projecting these
feelings onto the unknown chaser.

chased signifies fear :

from an attacker in your dream may simply
represent your fear of being attacked. Such
dreams are more common among women than men, who may feel physically vulnerable
in their surroundings. All you have to do is turn on the news to hear stories of
violence and sexual assault.

are the one chasing:

If you are the one doing the chasing, then the dream may highlight your drive
and ambition to go after something you want, or go after someone you want. On
the other hand, it may also mean that you are falling behind in some aspect of
your life and are having to catch up to others.


understanding your own dream of being chased, ask yourself who is chasing you so
that you can gain a better understanding . What
are you running from? Turn around and confront your pursuer and ask them why
they are chasing you.

Consider the distance or gap between you and your pursuer. This indicates your
closeness to the issue. If the pursuer is gaining on you, then it suggests that
the problem is not going to go away. The problem will surround you, until you
confront and address it. However, if you are able to widen the gap between your
pursuer, then you are able to successfully distance yourself from the problem.
In essence, the problem is fading away.

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