Diving Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Diving

Did you dream about diving? It indicates that you have a new sense of confidence. You are digging deeper into your emotions and subconscious. You wish to get to the bottom of a current situation. Explore beneath the emotional surfaces. Achieve psychological and emotional balance. Consider what type of dive, and where you are diving in the dream. We will go through

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Dream About High Diving

Diving from Diving Board or Platform
To dream that you are diving from a diving board; indicates that you need to think through carefully before you take the plunge. You will soon embark on a new phase in life. Once you start moving, do not be afraid and do not try to turn back. Keep on going with your courage.

Diving from Cliff
To dream that you are diving off a cliff; suggests that you will soon take a big challenge. You will meet expectation of others. Take the leap of faith to the next level. Work on seemingly impossible feats when everyone else is doubting your capability.

Dream About What You Dive Into

Diving Into Swimming Pool
To dive into a swimming pool in the dream; suggests that you need to act decisively and boldly. Do not get distracted easily by your negative emotions. Aim for the simple goals.

Diving Into Sea or Ocean
To dream that you dive into an open sea or vast ocean; signifies an end to a tough situation. You might go into deep reflection or even depression as a result. You are taking a deep view of yourself and how you responded to the situation. Think about what you see while diving in the ocean. Do you see sea animals like the whales or dolphin? Or do you see smaller fishes or crabs?

Diving Into River
Seeing yourself diving into a river; suggests that you need to explore the flow of your life. Understand the instinctual and sexual urges that make you tick. Enter into the ebbs and flow of your life force and become a part of the joyful pleasures, prosperity, and fertility. Do not be an outsider to your own life.