Light Bulb Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Light Bulbs

Light bulbs in dreams represent ideas, reality, and guiding light of the dark. Its condition is a reflection of your thoughts during good and bad times. A new and bright light bulb that is working as intended, symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, new ideas, and hope. You are able to keep your vision through the day and night. So that you could continue working towards a brighter future. Consider how and where you are interacting with light bulbs to get a clearer understanding of the interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting and Changing Lightbulbs

Fixing and Changing the Light bulb
To see yourself changing and fixing a bad light bulb, represents that you are updating an old and outdated knowledge. You have seen the light and be able to view the world from a different perspective. You are no longer in the dark about your circumstances and environment.

Buying an Electric Bulb
To buy an electric light bulb in the dream, suggests that you are approaching a situation from a new direction and perspective. You will invest in ideas that will help you and prepare through the difficult times.

Connecting Light Bulb Wiring
To connect wires and batteries to power light bulbs in the dream, forebodes that you will introduce innovations and connections in your work. You are building connections and bridges within your organization so that ideas and energy can flow. The dream foretells that your team will be successful in the upcoming future.

Turning On Light Bulb
To dream that you are turning on a light bulb, foretells that you will put your plan into practice. You have spent a lot of effort and time developing your plan. And now is the time for you to execute and see the results that you expect.

Dream About Broken Lightbulbs

Light Bulb Going Out and Flickering
To see a light bulb flickering and going out of commission, indicates that you are feeling ineffective. You are getting tired and running out of ideas to continue your job. Perhaps it is time to retire from the project and let someone else run the show for a while.