Mortgage Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Mortgage

Did you dream about a mortgage? Dreaming about mortgages typically relates to some form of huge financial decisions. Perhaps you are thinking or preparing to buy a house. But if you are not, the mortgage dream can represent other major decisions in life. Below we will help you interpret the most common mortgage-related dreams.

Table of Content

Dream About Common Mortgage Terms

Dream About Mortgage Interest Rates
Dreams about mortgage interest foretell that you will be asking a big favor from someone. And someone will expect you for some form of payback down the road to return the favor. The dream is similar to if you dream about the government taxing you.

Dream About Mortgage Insurance
Dreams of mortgage insurances represent that you are not yet exactly qualified to handle certain jobs. However, a friend or family member will be willing to guarantee your ability.

Dream About Mortgage Discount Points
Dreaming about mortgage discount points represents certain sacrifices that you have to make in the present to achieve certain benefits in the future.

Dream About Preparing to Get Mortgage

Dream About Mortgage Application
Seeing or applying for a mortgage application in the dream suggests that you will be offered some important business. Your subconscious is questioning the commitment of your psyche.

Dream About Mortgage Banker
Dreams of meeting a mortgage banker suggest that you will soon meet a man/woman who will make a good husband or wife. However, the person of your dreams will be very financially savvy. His or her ideas may make you uncomfortable at times.