School Shooting Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About School Shootings

Did you dream about a school shooting? Having a dream about a school shooting can be a scary and disturbing one. We will try to help you decipher the dream you may have with those related to or about school shootings.

Table of Content

General School Shooting Dreams

It may be about all the media news that you have encountered during your waking hours with school shooting dreams. The shocking news of a recent school shooting might have struck some chord with your inner thoughts. This makes it more likely for you to have a dream about the school shooting.

First of all, depending on whether or not you are still in school can make a difference in interpreting this dream. Second, do you know anyone such as your own children or other family members that still go to school? And lastly, has a school shooting affected anyone that you know.

Pay close attention to the details of the dream. Consider who is involved, and the circumstances can help you interpret the school shooting dream with better accuracy.

Dream About School Shooting When You Are in School

If you are still in school and dream about school, then a school shooting dream can reflect your experiences. Are you located in a bad neighborhood? Have other students been suspended because they have brought weapons to school? Has the school been locked down?

You are not necessarily planning out a full-on attack at the school when you have these dreams. However, they are a reflection of your strong feelings about your current school environment.