Snow Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Snow

Did you dream about snow? Snow relates to cold emotion, hiding, a new beginning, and confusion. Snow in dreams can have different meanings depending on the dream context. Always consider how you feel and how you interact with the snow itself within the dream to get an accurate interpretation. Take all symbols and events into interpretation now to analyze your snowy dreams.

Table of Content

We will first lay out some general concepts of seeing and experiencing snow within your dream. Then we will go deeper into the various symbols that snow may mean.

Lastly, take into consideration whether or not you live in an area with consistent yearly snowfalls. If your area gets snowfalls every year, then some of the actions or symbols here can mean much less. For example, building a snowman could mean less if you have made snowmen often in life. The reason is that your dream may be a simple reflection or recall of your actual life experience instead of having a deeper secondary meaning.

General Snow Dream Symbols


Snow as a state of cold emotion in Dreams
As a form of water, Snow often relates to the state of your emotions and how you feel about things. A dream featuring snow indicates the area where you feel cold and emotionally distant. Snow dreams can occur when you feel emotionally exhausted, say at the time of a breakup. The dreamworld that you have created may feature snowy weather together with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-wife/husband. The snow backdrop or weather can symbolize a period of time where your heart feels cold and alone.

Snow as a method of hiding and forgetting
Snow, as a natural concealer, can hide things that you want to be hidden. If the snow covers objects in full in your dream, you may want a particular area to be hidden or even forgotten.


Snow as a beginning of an end to a new beginning
When the dream’s background includes thawing or melting snow, it indicates that a whole new beginning is just starting. The cold winter is coming to an end, and you are ready to embrace the warmer spring once the snow melts away. The melting snow can represent new hope and personal growth.